Liquor Reviews and Liquor Ratings for Best Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Rum, Liqueur, Gin, and Exotics

  • Born and Bred Vodka ReviewBorn and Bred Vodka Review
    Bottom Line: Should You Buy Born and Bred Vodka How We Tasted It Ratings Reviews/Notes Neat “Oh I got it now... it smells like big, black permanent marker.” Martini “This Idaho shit really opened up with Martini things in it.” With Cranberry Juice “This is why people don’t put lime on their baked potato!” Moscow Mule “it’s all off!
  • Marz White Cranberry Vodka ReviewMarz White Cranberry Vodka Review
    Bottom Line: Should You Buy Mars White Cranberry Vodka? How We Tasted It Ratings Reviews/Notes Neat “I would not mix it with anything… I’d drink it on rocks and be okay all the long day.” Marz’s Sister “I’m with my woman.
  • Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky ReviewCrown Royal Vanilla Whisky Review
    Bottom Line: Should You Buy Crown Royal Vanilla Whisky? How We Tasted It Ratings Reviews/Notes As A sipper “It’s for the ladies… a guy would be embarrassed to have this unless he splashed it in secret on the side.” Vanilla Old-Fashioned “This is a great gateway to a real drink.” In Root Beer “Put a splash of Montenegro in this and it’s spectacular… just root beer, no.” Chocolate Martini “It’s indulgent.
  • Jack-O Blast ReviewJack-O Blast Review
    Bottom Line: Should You Buy Captain Morgan Jack-O Blast Pumpkin Spice Rum? As a shooter NNNKCC “It tastes like your late night poor choice (of paramours) closing time at the bar.” Plundering Pumpkin KKKKCC “Okay!
  • Gorgeous Vodkas: Believe the Bottle!Gorgeous Vodkas: Believe the Bottle!
    Bottom Line at the Top: is it hard to convince yourself to go out of your way for vodka? Well, Gorgeous Vodka and Gorgeous Pepper Vodka are convincing.
  • Bourbon, the Time and Core ValuesBourbon, the Time and Core Values
    First, we like the bad stuff. From wristwatches to booze, we always start at the bottom; but, with a little help from our friends, we find the offerings of simplistic, genuine producers from which we can start to learn to love.  It's a game of patient and thoughtful graduation, and in that endeavor, two producers come to mind.  Although they operate in two seemingly polar (although complimentary) industries, Mile High Spirits Distiller and Nomos Glashutte are glaring.
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Then you go to the liquor store and are confronted with many linear feet of different bottles. How do you choose? By price? By fanciness of bottle? By what the rappers are drinking in their videos?

Proof66 is the answer. We're a service that aggregates public liquor ratings and reviews from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute, and Wine Enthusiasts Magazine. Each of these services are independent, use blind taste tests, and between them have at some time or other rated the vast majority of liquors out there. Then, we take all those scores and - with a little Princeton-trained statistical magic - mix 'em all up and give you a final combined score for easy ranking. We now have over 10,000 spirits listed on the website. We research these spirits giving you the story behind the spirit, what distinguishes it, who might enjoy it, and what to do with it once you’ve got it. Some of the highest-rated spirits in the world can be found for only $40. Proof66 helps you find those spirits.

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Powerful search tools and thousands of ratings give you what you need to make smarter choices with your liquor… you don’t have to drink swill ever again! Drinking liquor is like listening to music on your iPod: each liquor bottle is like a good song mingling in different playlists. At Proof66, you have the chance to make multiple "playlists" of liquor bottles: use them to track your inventory, make a shopping list, and more! If you're looking for microdistilleries or single malts or homegrown liquors or exotic liqueurs, our goal is to provide you with the very best possible roadmap for tasting and finding good liquor no matter what your tastes.

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