About Us

At some point in everyone's life - usually in the middle of doing a shot - you realize that this isn't such a good idea anymore; that you'd rather drink fine cocktails instead of shoot bad liquor. As you grimace and shiver while swallowing that fateful shot, you vow never to buy swill off the bottom shelf ever again. Then you go to the liquor store. There you're confronted with many linear feet of different bottles. How do you choose? By price? By fanciness of bottle? By what the rappers are drinking in their videos? Ask the teenager stocking the shelf? Proof66 is meant to be the answer.

We're some liquor enthusiasts who got together, found out on our own that the professional judges were usually pretty right, and decided to launch something to help the rest of the world discover great spirits.

We aggregate the public ratings from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute, and Wine Enthusiasts Magazine. Each of these services are independent, use blind taste tests, and between them have at some time or other rated the vast majority of liquors out there. Then, we add our own commentary and give you a chance to add yours. The combined user reviews become the "Rabble Score" or, if you will, the score of the common man.

Then, we take all those scores and-with a little Princeton-trained statistical magic-mix 'em all up and give you a final combined score for easy ranking.

We now have over 7,000 spirits listed on the website. What are you supposed to do with thousands of listings? Proof66 is your introduction; use it whenever you find yourself wondering if something is worth trying (it usually is at least worth trying) or looking for something special in a particular price range. Think of restaurant ratings from Zagat or other services.

But we don't stop there! Drinking liquor is like listening to music on your iPod: each bottle is like a good song mingling in different playlists. At Proof66, you have the chance to make multiple "playlists" of bottles: use them to track your inventory, make a shopping list... we even give you the ability to register with us for special events just like June Brides register for china at Target®. Pass our gift registry out for your next bachelor party and watch the good times roll!!

If you're looking for microdistilleries or single malts or homegrown liquors or exotic liqueurs, our goal is to provide you with the very best possible roadmap for tasting and finding new offerings no matter what your tastes.

For professionals, our goal of introducing consumers to the best spirits on the market has led to Proof66 offering services and partnerships to several different retailers, distributors, and other similar entities. We offer referral and order fulfillment programs to retailers; we provide data services to distributor and retail databases so that our extensive research and reporting can be leveraged, we offer cross-promotional programs to brick-and-mortar stores as well as consulting services at request, and of course we offer reviews and articles to help generate publicity for products. Contact Us for more information.
Neal MacDonald Neal MacDonald

Neal is our resident, all-knowing, unmatched liquor geek. His passion for research, data, and liquor was the catalyst for the creation of Proof66 LLC back in the summer of 2008. Neal handles all of our liquor industry research, data entry, bottle notes write-ups, articles, and much more. He is - simply put - the heart and soul of Proof66.
Andy Leventis Andy Leventis

Andy is our finance, legal, and tax guru. And thank heavens for that too because right around tax time, Neal and Rod get to check-out for awhile and listen to Andy moan about tax code changes! When not dealing with taxes, Andy spends time working out the contracts for the business end of Proof66 for advertising and data services. Andy also feeds and cares for the algorithm we use to construct the Proof66 Overall Rating.
Rod Milligan Rod Milligan

Rod is our web dude. He handles our websites, smartphone apps, and all that techie stuff no-one else really understands but loves to use!