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B.S. Gorelli New Generation No. 1 Brandy

From: Georgia Liquor Review Category: Traditional Brandy

Bottle/Rating Data

  • Proof66 Rating : 321 / 724
    Rabble Rating : 5.0 / 5.0
    Producer and Owner: Gorelli, LTD
    ABV: 40.0% Proof: 80.0
    Price (USD) : $100
    Age: 7

Rating Description

Tier 3
This is a Tier 3 score in the Brandy category. It means critics recommended the spirit but it will be a value brand or have an exotic taste.
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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2012

Wine Enthusiast

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Proof66 Notes

BS Gorelli No. 1 Brandy is made in small batch pot still production method distilling wines produced by the Gorelli company. They make very aggressive cuts with their batch taking only one-third of each distillation run (it is common in batch still production to discard the "heads" and "tails" of the distillation run but the cuts can range greatly... the very middle cut or "heart" is considered the best of the run). Remarkably, they run this process twice, which means that a mere one-ninth (or 11%) of each run is retained for the actual bottling of the brandy. They regard it as an example of Georgia brandy production ready to compete with the very best old-school cognacs from France. It is aged for a full 7 years before bottling, which is an age that would easily qualify it as an XO (or "extra old" as a cognac, which is a minimum of 6 years). BS Gorelli Brandy is produced in Georgia with the brand founded in 2006 with the merger of two different wine-producing companies. The No. 1 expression was limited to a run of 7,037 bottles and we are assured there "will be no more."

The BS in BS Gorelli stands for "Brandy Sakartvelo" (Sakartvelo is how Georgians refer to the Republic of Georgia). The name "gorelli" comes from Gori where the company is located in Georgia. The company was born in 2006 with the acquisition of the originally Gorelli company Iberia 2000.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 1 rating and 1 review.
Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (95) (2014-09-20)
Gorelli BS No. 1 brandy is something that requires a careful and nuanced analysis. It's the kind of brandy that can suffer in a "derby" setting where critics are sampling brandy after brandy side-by-side in an accelerated format. It is so vastly different-almost a different category-than its peers that it must suffer by comparison. But the better comparison is fruit-forward eau-de-vie or potentially calvados. When tasting with fruit and grape character in mind, in this arena the Gorelli is near peerless! This is small solace to the whiskey enthusiast who ruminates on aging, cellars, barrels, and the patient intermixing of spirit and wood.. for these, Gorelli may disappoint. It will delight others who revere the vineyards and the stomped grape in the oak vat. In principle, it exposes where the critics are fallible. It is an excellent spirit for what it is and judged on what it achieves rather than how it sits in the categorical box by which the judges constrain it.
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