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Merlet Selection Saint Sauvant Cognac

From: France Liquor Review Category: Cognac Brandy

Bottle/Rating Data

  • Proof66 Rating : 655 / 696 0 Merlet Selection Saint Sauvant Cognac
    Rabble Rating : Unrated
    Percentile : 99th Percentile
    Producer and Owner: Distillerie Merlet and Fris
    ABV: 45.2% Proof: 90.4
    Price (USD) : $130
    Age: 10

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Proof66 Notes

Merlet Saint Sauvant cognac is a limited edition cognac developed from eau-de-vie selected personally by the master distiller. There will be some variation in year to year. Various reports put the aging of the cognac at 10+ years.

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