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Del Maguey Pechuga Single Village Mezcal

From: Oaxaca, Mexico Liquor Review Category: Mezcal

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Wine Enthusiast

  • 2010

Proof66 Notes

The Del Maguey Single Village brand is mean to focus on particular styles of traditional mezcal made in Oaxaca, Mexico.  often crafted from a single source in different places. The company and spirits itself was founded by Ronald Cooper. Del Maguey translates as "From the Maguey" and is a reference to the type of wild agave used in the production.

Del Maguey Pechuga mezcal begins with the Minero expression from Santa Catarina Minas. It is infused with "25 pounds of wild mountain apples and plums, some pineapples and plantain bananas, a few pounds of uncooked white rice, and a handful of almonds. Next, a whole chicken breast, skin removed, bone structure intact, is washed in running water for three hours to remove any grease. It is then suspended by strings in the atmosphere of the still." The name of the mezcal, "pechuga," is in reference to the the chicken that is seen as so indispensable to the distillation. 
(From the marketing notes at DrinkUpNY)

Wine Enthusiasts were not necessarily impressed with the spirit. In their 2010 review they said, "This expensive, triple-distilled single-village mezcal is a bartender favorite, but I just don't understand why. The scent on this clear liquid was reminiscent of pizza with smoked mozzarella."

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lpy89 lpy89 (173) (2015-05-14)
If there was one liquor that i could classify it as "exotic", this would be the one. Along with heavy smoky agave, you really can smell the fruits involved: apples, plums, pineapples, bananas and almonds, like as description suggests these were added during the process of distillation. You can really taste the chicken, along with the smoky and fruity notes in the palate, and the taste is very sweet,salty,savory and oily in the same time. I wasn't really into Mezcals (in fact, i never understood why some people would enjoy them) till i tried a sip of this, which ultimately compelled me to partake on my quest on search of great mezcals out there. If you have a chance to experience this phenomenal and enigmatic spirit, get ready for either a major shock or sensation that you'd never experienced in your life. Del Maguey Pechuga is sure to challenge your notions of complexity to new level.
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