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Everclear Grain Alcohol

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  • Proof66 Rating : Unrated
    Rabble Rating : 4.3 / 5.0
    Producer: Everclear
    ABV: 95.0% Proof: 190.0
    Price (USD) : $13
    Age: N/A

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This spirit has yet to face the slings and arrows of the rating agencies.
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Proof66 Notes

Everclear Grain Alcohol is the notorious, 95% pure alcohol, grain spirit. It's uses are mainly as an alcohol base for crafting homemade liqueurs (legitimate), as an in-home use industrial-level solvent, or something to create truly awful situations and hangovers in foolish youth. While it might be considered as a style of vodka, the proof really excludes it from any sort of class comparison and we have opted to list it as an "exotic."

To our knowledge, it has never been reviewed.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 8 ratings and 8 reviews.
US Spirit US Spirit (47) (2015-12-23)
So, yes 14 years ago, I was "that guy" the dumbass who took the shot (maybe even a double no one measured it carefully) of Everclear straight and at room temperature. The setting was perfectly cliche, it was the basement at a frat party. How was it? Just quote Ralph Wigam on the Simpsons: "It tastes like burning". I coughed a lot when it hit the back of my throat, and it obviously burned a lot, but I was fine maybe 30-60 seconds later. Honestly, it was not the worst drink I've ever taken (Dewars, MD 20/20, and Zwack all had awful aftertastes that lingered long after the pain of straight Everclear subsided), but its not something I would ever do again either. Personally, I've never met a person who has tried a Everclear straight who would do a second shot. Price where I am runs to about $20, which actually makes this cheaper per serving than Burnett's Wolfshmidt's, Popov's or Fleishchmann's, which is why this stuff is pretty popular. What do I recommend it for? Mixing. This has 2.375* the alcohol of an 80 proof vodka, so whatever your typical recipe, get out your calculator and divide the serving of vodka by 2.375 and you'll be fine. Cut to a reasonable proof with Hawaiian Punch it was good, though on that particular night the jello shots they made with Everclear weren't very good.What should you NOT do with this? Drink it neat. Unless you're personally around me and feel like providing some cheap entertainment. Because your reaction will be fun to watch. I'm told mine was. 3 stars. It's impossible for me to even tell whether this is a good product straight because whatever flavor it may have will be outlasted by the ferocious burn so it has no taste whatsoever good, bad or indifferent. Its an economical mixer, and the mixed drinks it makes are decent to above average, but the only vodka based mixed drink I personally ever seem to order is the Bloody Mary which this would not be practical for. That leads me to a neutral rating. 3 stars
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Yankel W. Yankel W. (45) (2015-08-25)
NOTE: The bottle pictured above is the 75.5%, 151 proof. This is vodka at 190 proof and can be diluted down to the lower ABV rating, according to taste. I took down a bottle of 151proof (75%ABV) down to 40%ABV by adding Fiji water. The 151% ABV is diluted down from 190 proof by Luxco to accommodate State laws. My diluted neutral grain spirit (vodka) was as good or better than many vodkas. The nose is mildly ethanol, not harsh. On the palate, it is smooth with just a bit of pepper on the tongue. There is just a hint of "sweet" in the finish, but it fades very quickly. Fiji water is fairly expensive, but I suppose than any good spring water with a copacetic pH would be adequate. My opinion is that Luxco does a good job of rectification. I added one star for the snobs. Room temp tasting, then enjoyed a dram over a frozen lime slice. In this case, at least I know where the origin of the water. In any case, the experiment worked. I note also that folk who make herbal infusions also use neutral grain spirits such as Everclear. The 190 proof Everclear would prove more economical than the 151 proof on dilution. NOTE: if not diluted, either proof is highly flammable. I likely won't make more, but it makes a genuine vodka at 40% ABV. EDIT: The 75.5 % ABV version does not need "polishing". I cannot speak for the 95% ABV version.
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DakotaGuy DakotaGuy (60) (2014-06-21)
The only reason that this should conceivably exist is for making homemade liqueurs...as stated. Otherwise just go get yourself a bottle of vodka.
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Ackman Ackman (94) (2014-04-05)
I mainly drink this if I'm at a party. Of course there has to be that one dumbass that drinks it straight. Best if mixed in Purple Passion or even in Jello Shots.
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antiquecollector antiquecollector (28) (2014-01-15)
There's a reason why this is illegal in many states and countries. Drinking one shot(MIXED ONLY!) is like drinking 3 shots of whiskey. You've got to know what you're doing with this stuff, young and/or dumb people often end up in the hospital if they aren't careful. Everclear can also be used as a cleaning solvent and a fuel.
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flintquatch flintquatch (196) (2013-11-02)
Around my town I am known as 'The Wizard.' Use this stuff strictly to make PJ around here. Dangerous but if mixed right can make for one hell of a good time with minimum expense. BE SAFE
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Dakota Dakota (136) (2013-06-13)
Very high quality. WARNING this alcohol is flammable and very high proof. Never drink it straight mix it very well. The other reviewer is right 1 bottle well get an entire party started. Drink RESPONSIBLY its very easy to drink to much and get sick if you are over 21 and can handle enjoying this fine spirit in a mature fashion you are player in the liquor game. Anybody that criticizes this spirit simply doesnt know how to handle the product, its for experienced drinkers ONLY not college frat partys.
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subzero829 subzero829 (8) (2011-09-10)
190 Proof = 95% pure alcohol. Do not drink straight. Dilute to death with mixers and youll be fine. One bottle will get 10 people easily wasted.
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