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Sombra Agave de Oaxaca Blanco Mezcal

From: Mexico Liquor Review Category: Mezcal

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98th Percentile
This score falls in the 98th percentile of all spirits in the Exotics category and is an example of the very best in its class.
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Sombra Mezcal is made not from Blue Weber agave (and therefor, cannot be called tequila) but rather from Espadin agave harvested in the state of Oaxaca in the mountains. The agave hearts are heated in an underground rock pit fired by natural wood to bake for five days then crushed by a horse-drawn millstone...both very traditional (and very manual!) processes for production. The bottle itself is made from recycled glass from a solar-powered furnace.

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Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 3 ratings and 3 reviews.
Cgtboy1988 Cgtboy1988 (148)
Rating: 4.4 (2016-12-26)
Really great stuff. Lots of semisweet toasty smoke on the nose with some lingering bitter on the palette- perhaps some light brandy notes. Nice, strong complex flavor with a good balance. Not as smoky as some others, but definitely has significant smoke. A touch of medicinal flavor as well, reminds me a bit of a good Isley. The price is quite right as well- got the bottle for $35, which is a steal for such a nice Mezcal. Regarding the comment below which observed no smoke, perhaps there is a batch issue?
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Phizbin Phizbin (392)
Rating: 4.0 (2013-06-23)
Have to disagree with Chris. No smoke at all. But does have rich buttery creamy flavors. I drank it at a concert with Ritual Howls, whom Ill quote: "Feral. Leaves claw marks on your soul."
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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (329)
Rating: 4.0 (2010-09-01)
A delicious if a challenging mezcal to drink. This one will "put hair on your chest" with full-on smokiness.
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