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Hayman's Old Tom Gin

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Hayman Distillers is an English gin company tracing its production as far back as the early 1800s founded by James Burrough (credited with the creation of Beefeater Gin). The family retained a portion of their business when Beefeater was sold in 1987 to maintain premium gin production continuously throughout its 3-generation stewardship

Hayman's Old Tom gin is from an "old family recipe" and comes "lightly sweetened" with intense aromas. The recipe goes back to the golden era of gin in the English 19th century London. The name "old tom" comes from the sign showing a picture of a cat where patrons would receive their gin through a funnel after pushing money through a slot. Because the gin is sweetened, we have listed it as an "other" rather than traditional London dry.

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Allan Allan (159) (2012-04-24)
Starts off with a nice aroma and I was excited to try it. Only problem is that it has entirely disappeared in every drink I have mixed it in . I even tried all the recepies on the bottle . I was disappointed because I really thought I had found something different.
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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (326) (2010-08-28)
A must have for a new gin addition to your bar and very necessary for a lot of classic drinks. Delicious, different enough to make a give a whole new twist to your London Dry drinks and a whole new horizon for new cocktails. Also a number of London Dry Gin cocktails call for sweetening - if you use this gin you probably won't have too. Price is excellent for what you are getting.
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