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Uncle Val's Botanical Gin

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Proof66 Notes

From the press release, Uncle Val's Botanical gin is named for August Sebastiani's "favorite uncle" Valerio Cechetti: a physician, gardener, and chef. The botanicals of juniper, cucumber, lemon, sage, and lavender were common ingredients in his kitchen. We've opted to list this as a modern-styled gin for the presence of cucumber and lavender.

35 Maple Street is the distilled spirits arm of Calinfornia-Based The Other Guys wine-makers, a 4-generation family-owned business that started a new wine company—TOG—in 2004 (the original family winery sold in 2008). The company is run by 4th generation descendent August Sebastiani.

The label is owned and managed by California-based 35 Maple Street who appear to source the gin, according to the filing with the federal Tax and Trade Bureau, with Bendistillery of Oregon (indeed, the marketing website brags of Cascade Mountain water). 

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This bottle has 3 ratings and 3 reviews.
nimbuscat nimbuscat (6) (2015-01-11)
One of my favourite drinks!! Not your expected gin by any measure, but the Meyer lemon precedes an amazing taste (yes the juniper IS there, just a bit deeper!) that lifts and changes a gin and tonic into something of a thrilling celebration. Traditionalists should stay with Plymouth, but this gin is superb, and one of the more exciting spirits to emerge!! Bravo!
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Bungalow Bill Bungalow Bill (3) (2013-11-26)
An attractive bottle is the only positive note I can summon. Old Uncle Val may have had a well-tended garden, but judging by the flavors encountered here, it was over-run with lemons. Seriously, with each sip, whether it be straight or paired with a quality tonic, the only thing that my senses encounter is the overwhelming presence of lemon. It's as if I've just inhaled a blast of cheap furniture polish from a spray can. Steer clear, especially when considering the price.
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bdehoog bdehoog (73) (2012-11-20)
Somewhat sweet very complex flavorful unique gin with a good abv. Not sure how to drink this as vermouth doesnt necessarily make it better. prrobably just drink it straight. attractive bottle. something very compelling to me about the flavors.
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