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broVo +DF2 Douglas Fir Liqueur

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broVo Douglas Fir (or "+DF") liqueur is based upon the famous, native tree of Washington. The Douglas Fir is used with "four secret ingredients" to creat what is, for all we know, one of the only tree-flavored spirit in the world. In keeping with their authentically local attitude, they use wild-foraged fir from "Leslie and Orion" whom they describe as local farmers. They suggest a Sydney cocktail--which is a riff on a classic Martini: 1 oz Douglas Fir, 1.5 oz gin, 1.2 oz vermouth, and no less than 4 olives. The DF2 is their "squared" edition that replaced the original, bottled at a higher "cocktail strength" proof. 

About the Producer: 

broVo Spirits is a Washington-based company that makes what they call "lady-made liquor." It was founded by Mhari Voelsgen and Erin Brophy, both Seattle natives. They produce a line of handcrafted liqueurs made specifically for designer cocktails after consulting and working with local restaurants. Their spirits are marked by strong aromas, low sugar content, and tend to be lower-proofed, which they believe targets the female market. (hat tip to the Puget Sound Business Journal) They work with local products ("authentically local") and look to make creative, "single note" liqueurs. As of April, 2013 they are producing their own spirits out of Woodinville, Washington. They use a Vendome copper pot still that they have affectionately named "the Dude" despite the fact that they also refer to it as a "she." 

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Proof66 Staff (73) (11/19/2012)
broVo Douglas Fir was, in our opinion, the most successful of the liqueurs. It slipped well into almost anything with great versatility. It was very much like the person your parents always wanted you to date: the nice, next-door type that you could take to any party and would always show well and make you better. All in all, we’d have to say this spirit shines best in an all-natural setting dressed casually in water.
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