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Damiana Liqueur

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Damiana Liqueur--a resplendent yellow in a bottle shaped after an Incan Goddess--calls itself a "light, herbal-based liqueur" infused with the essence (from the stems and leaves) of the damiana herb of Baja California, described as a "small shrub with smooth, pale green oval leaves and aromatic yellow flowers." They recommend it in a margarita (instead of "that silly French liqueur") WebMD notes it as a traditional aphrodisiac (which recommends it even more for margaritas, in our opinion) as well as a variety of other ailments including constipation and depression (the latter another good use for margaritas).

Damiana is imported and distributed in the United States by Mexcor International.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2011

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