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DeKuyper Crème de Banana Liqueur

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Proof66 Notes

De Kuyper Works is an international company that claims family ownership and sales of 50,000,000 bottles all in liqueurs. The origins were in 1695 with the marriage of Petrus De Kuyper and Anna Custers who began their business in making wooden casks for beer transportation (perhaps giving rise to the profession of "cooper" in the English). The company itself began in 1752 when Jan De Kuyper (the third son) purchased a distillery in Scheidam. The 1800s saw the rise of the "gin craze" and the company mainly sold gin exports, getting into the liqueur business in the 1920s but at that time launching 20 different flavors. They opened facilities in Canada and New Jersey eventually ceding the gin market and concentrating in liqueurs. The company remains 100% family owned to this day through 11 generations of management.

Today, De Kuper offers a bewildering and evolving line of flavored liqueurs that are common fare in every liquor establishment in over 100 different countries. Please note--currently, De Kuyper has not submitted many liqueurs for judging and at this time (September, 2009) we have very few of the hundreds of liqueurs listed.

De Kuyper Creme de Banana is a bright, sunny yellow in color featuring the tropical flavors of banana. 

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This bottle has 3 ratings and 3 reviews.
ferretferret ferretferret (19) (2016-01-11)
As a 21-year-old with a sweet tooth, this stuff tastes amazing. It's 48-proof, but, there's NO ethanol burn whatsoever. I gave my friend a sip from a little cup, and he wasn't even aware that it was an alcoholic beverage. As far as the taste, if you like banana Laffy Taffy, you'll love this stuff. Thankfully, that's exactly what I was going for! I usually mix it in milk. :3 It's so difficult to buy banana milk, these days, and this stuff is perfect in it! It doesn't cause any curdling.
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jaketaz jaketaz (163) (2014-12-17)
Two stars because it's cheap and I love banana flavor. But honestly you might prefer to simply mix some decent vodka or Cruzan Light with simple syrup and add banana flavor extract to it. It would take a little more time but you could control the proof and sweetness and wouldn't subject yourself to whatever bizarre chemicals and coloring are in this thing. If you gotta have banana booze, get Malibu banana instead.
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Ackman Ackman (94) (2013-09-20)
Cloying, but it is somewhat faithful to its flavoring. Wouldn't drink this straight, unless I was already inebriated.
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