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Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog

From: Oregon, United States Liquor Review Category: Spices-Essences Liqueur

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Proof66 Notes

Ye Ol' Grog Distillery was founded by four friends: Marcus Alden, Lloyd Williams, Greg Scott, and Ken McFarland who all met at the Westward Seafoods plant in Alaska. With a strong engineering background, they designed and built their still and began producing spirits--both a reflux continuous column still and a more traditional pot still. They first launched in the fall of 2010 in St Helens, Oregon.

Ye Ol' Grog Distillery makes--as their name should make obvious--grog. However, grog is not an officially defined spirit. In their case, they state it begins life a a grain distillate that is then rectified in a proprietary process and then redistilled in their pot still. The Tax and Trade Bureau has opted to list it as a liqueur, which makes some sense to us since it is a sweetened version of grain spirit and we have followed suit.

Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog is made from that base of grain and then sweetened with agave syrup and infused with several different spices. It is bottled at an exceptionally high 100 proof and even their website warns that the bottle is "packed full of stupid." We're told that in Dutch Harbor, that a "breeze" starts (!) at 70 knots and anything else isn't worth mentioning... hence, the proof of the Dutch Harbor Breeze Grog! They suggest looking for flavors of cinnamon, sassafras, vanilla, caramel, and citrus. The name is an homage to the famous Alaskan fishing harbor where the friends and founders used to live. 

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