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Galliano Ristretto Espresso Liqueur

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Proof66 Notes

Galliano liqueur is a classic, brilliant yellow liqueur around since 1896 and based upon a variety of spices but principally known for anise. Galliano Ristretto is a more recent launch that infuses espresso coffee flavors into their liqueur (the term "ristretto" is a style of espresso coffee from a short pull, as a quick Google search reveals). It presents in a black/brown color and is meant to provide "aromatic depth and balance" with a coffee note. 

Galliano is an Italian liqueur but it is not clear to us who actually produces the spirit. The brand itself is owned and managed by Lucas Bols of the Netherlands.

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  • 2011
This bottle has 1 rating and 1 review.
jaketaz jaketaz (163) (2015-07-09)
Got a bottle on ultra discount for $7.50, that's the only reason I picked it up. This is not tasty, but it smells interesting and would do a decent job I guess in a White Russian. But it's got nothing on Kahlua or even Kamora, and myriad other coffee liqueurs. The coffee odor is more of an ultra dark roast, less sweet than most, but the taste has the familiar cough syrup deal of bad amaretto. What alcohol does shine through is of a rough, rubbing alcohol Svedka type taste. I would really like to see a coffee liqueur based on Irish whiskey or aged rum, something not as harsh as the gross grain alcohol base most of these seem to have. Considering the usual price of $32, I can't give this anything beyond 1 star.
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