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Hiram Walker Pomegranate Schnapps

From: Ontario, Canada Liquor Review Category: Schnapps Liqueur

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Hiram Walker founded Canadian club in 1858. Interestingly, it was originally produced in Detroit but, with prohibition looming, the distillery was relocated to Ontario. Over time, it has become the largest distillery in North America (located in Ontario, Canada) and a true grain-to-glass distillery on a large scale. There's a nice write-up at the Windsor Star about their efforts to source grain as locally as possible. 

Hiram Walker boasts an enormous portfolio of liqueurs--43 by its own estimate (April, 2009). They are also proud of their use of all-natural ingredients in every one of their labels. They recommend their line of products for use in cocktails as flavoring and additives for color and aroma. 

Hiram Walker Pomegranate schnapps is made with all-natural ingredients and is described as "extremely versatile."

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Phizbin Phizbin (204) (2009-06-30)
This is just flavored syrup in a bottle. That's it. It has the subtlety of a trainwreck and the complexity of your navel--contemplate them both and see who wins. There's just no reason on earth to buy it and less to drink it. If you want to sweeten up your cocktail and turn it red, just pour sugar into it and let your gums--which will now be crying blood since they're overwhelmed by all that sugar if you achieve the same level of sweetness--will color the drink the same flaming red color.
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superman superman (43) (2009-06-30)
nothing subtle about this, but that's not the point! It's odd-colored, ridiculously sweet, and it comes with all the cache of a '76 Ford Pinto, but dang--I like this!!! It was less than $10 at my local store and it filled me and my guests with smiles! great value!
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esword esword (4) (2009-06-27)
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