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Hpnotiq Harmonie Premium Liqueur

From: Kentucky, United States Liquor Review Category: Fruit Liqueur

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Proof66 Notes

Hpnotiq Harmonie liqueur was first launched in 2011 as an alternative to the popular blue-colored Hpnotiq liqueur. Like it's turquoise sibling, it promises a blend of natural fruits and cognacs but also adds the essence of flowers. It is a pale lavender, which the press release attributes to unnamed berries along with petals of violet and lavender. It is aimed at the "girls night out" market and designed for colorful cocktails.

While the label suggests product of France, it appears to be bottled and blended in Kentucky at Heaven Hill, who owns the brand; we have listed them as the producer.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 3 ratings and 3 reviews.
Phizbin Phizbin (204) (2011-12-22)
This stuff looks like an easter egg: that same pale purple that all the eggs turn into when you put them in the dye. That's the best part about this liqueur. The aroma has a strange, rotting vegetal quality to it. The lavendar and citrus are there but the faint rot washes over the aroma making it unpleasant to contemplate. It's less offensive drinking but it's so sweet. It's all sugar plus a little citrus and lavender. Ice did not improve it. Putting it in club soda did not improve it. I can't think of a reason to drink it. If you like sweet drinks, avoid this and look for a decent schnapps or limoncello.
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Sockmonkey Sockmonkey (16) (2011-12-16)
I resent what degbert said, I'm 22 and I found this "liqueur" to be a waste of money. It's what Katy Perry's piss would taste like bottled. Completely pointless. It accomplishes nothing well. It's not made from reputable vodka. It doesn't define what sort of "fruit" and "berries" are represented in it. It claims to include an infusion of lavender and some form of cognac. The cognac either fills an insignificant percentage of it, or it's tastelss with poor quality. Or both, which is likely. The trendy hype behind this stuff is appalling. I'm a young woman, I'm attractive, so by all means of reason I should be an avid fan of Hpnotiq. The issue is...that I unfortunately possess a functioning mind. What a shame.
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degbert degbert (147) (2011-09-28)
Take Hpnotiq. Add more berry, and half the acid. Add a lurid purple color that makes it look like Jim Jones is your bartender. Serve to giggling twentysomethings who don't know better. Inoffensive.
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