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Kajmir Vanilla Liqueur

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Kajmir vanilla liqueur describes itself as a blend of brandy, vodka, and natural vanilla flavors. From the press release, Centerra helpfully supplies their target demographic: "From its alluring bottle design to its exotic color and unique flavor, Kajmir's taste characteristic is on trend with the expectations of the image conscious, trend-setting consumers (ages 25-45)."

Note: despite the bottle proclaiming a "Kajmir Distillers" as the producer, it is made by Centerra Wine Company according to their own press release and we have reflected that fact here.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2007

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Irishman (238) (6/15/2010)
Very nice blend of brandy, vodka, and vanilla in this one. Quite pleasant.
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Phizbin (181) (6/8/2010)
Kajmir has a really nice vanilla aroma... almost exactly like vanilla extract you might use in cookies. I can imagine it in all kinds of cocktails. I took it straight and neat... in that format, it was kind of thin and watery on the mouthfeel despite a nice and smooth flavor. I think it belongs in cocktails rather than on its own.
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