Drinkable - The World's Greatest Liquor App is Here!

Drinkable - The World's Greatest Liquor App is Here!

Indulge us for a moment but we feel like what we're doing here at Proof66 is pretty interesting. We're an independent group of spirits enthusiasts who got together and, using the power of the internet, aggregate, publish and make available to you a collection of the best critical and common-man reviews of spirits available. That is to say, hours and hours of other peoples time distilled (pun intended) down to a 10 - 30 second web search to help guide your purchase decision.

That power is now available to you in a new platform with the mobile application Drinkable.

We've been collaborating with S2-IT, the same company that made Beer Buddy so popular in the world of fermented grains.

What this means to you is that your smart phone or tablet will become far more powerful in interacting with and exploring the world of liquor. This includes barcode scanning bottles on the spot, social aspects of buying and drinking, better access and visibility to locally made or regional spirits, and overall improved access and user experience.

The first iteration is available in the iTunes App Store now and we're very excited about the direction this app is going. To us, it seems like the perfect use for the data that Proof66 has been diligently compiling over the last several years. And now it's your turn: take a look at the Drinkable app and let us know what you think of it. We'd love to hear your thoughts and see what could be done to let you truly take advantage of a golden age of spirits production.

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