Drinkable: Why The New App

Drinkable: Why The New App

Drinkable is a new mobile application in the iTunes market (Android very soon) and is produced by S2 IT who partnered with us for the data. They're very good at this stuff, having already proven their chops with Beer Buddy, the world's greatest beer app. Upon release, one of the early reviews from "Ray Olah" had this to say:

The Proof66 created this app as a successor to Liquor Hub. It appears they are no longer supporting Liquor Hub. As for this app, it has more features, but I find it to be pretty cumbersome to use. Also, it seems like Proof 66 is merely trying to churn the pot and charge you a second time for an app that gives you pretty much the same thing.

Ouch! We know it probably looks like "churn" but that's not really the case. So we thought to take this opportunity to explain ourselves more fully and to give a little eulogy to Liquor Hub.

First: yes, it is true we are no longer supporting Liquor Hub. We loved that app. But we just didn't think continuing to invest so much time and energy into upgrades and keeping current with the various platforms was worth it. Instead, we chose to invest in the site and the data itself. It was a really hard decision but in all honesty, we'd reached a point where we just didn't feel good about charging money for that app any longer. Our expertise is database design, statistics, and liquors... not app development.

So when S2 IT came along and wondered about a partnership, we were thrilled. Their design is outstanding and their app development skills impeccable. Our reviewed above noted there are new features and it's true... and it's only the first version! They do this and they do it well. Just a few things that we think make it better:

  • One touch, up-to-the-minute spirit rankings by region, category, and overall.

  • An advanced and crazy-fast barcode scanner that includes a community-driven ability to add additional barcodes.

  • Massive improvements in the ability to interact with the community and in the social media space.

  • Full intentions to continue offering improved features... some of those include advanced price/availability features and cocktails.

From our standpoint, it's great. It's what a mobile app is supposed to be. We have over 7,500 separate spirit listings and 3,000 different producers in our database... that's too much for your phone! Drinkable makes all of that digestible and we think it'll be incredible.

That's what Proof66 is supposed to do: we're really designed as a data service and we've always wanted to supply that data to the people who can do exciting things with it. In a way, our website is our own proof of concept. We would happily work with anyone who can leverage our data in interesting ways to help the consumer explore and enjoy.

So the truth is a little more boring. We're not involved in some diabolical plot to churn our user base. Rather, it's simply a logical evolution of what we're good at and what other people are good at. If S2 IT and Drinkable had not come along, Liquor Hub would still be languishing in an unsupported state and there simply wouldn't be anything useful to take it's place.

So, if you liked Liquor Hub, check out Drinkable! We think it's well worth it. If not, that's fine too: our website is going to be here and we re-launched it's mobile interface to optimize the phone view. And always remember, we are in a Golden Age of Liquor so get out there and explore!

[by, Neal MacDonald, editor]

Published by Proof66.com