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LA 1 Whiskey

LA 1 WhiskeyOverall Rating: 485

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Type: Blended American Whiskey
Producer and Owner:  Donner-Peltier Distillers
Location: LouisianaUnited States
Price (USD): $45
Price (EUR): €33
*Price listed is reported by rating institutions and may not reflect sale price
Proof: 92.0

LA 1 whiskey is a blend of 55% corn, 18% rye, and an 18% blend of malted barley and chocolate malted barley--which to our mind signals a high-rye recipe on the waning side of barley... we know from experience chocolate malt will give a definite cocoa kick to the mix. Of course this ratio doesn't add up to 100% and the last 9% is Louisiana long-grain rice... an homage to the local terroir and also a style we associate with shochu from the Far East and offers a deep, slightly bitter note on the finish. It is aged briefly for 10 monhts (though in standard 53 gallon barrels rather than smaller ones) in #4 char barrels, which is the heaviest char offered in oak barrels and to our mind implies heavy, oak forward flavors and the long finish that appeals to many committed bourbon enthusiasts. 

About the Producer: 

Donner-Peltier Distillers is named for Tom Donner and Henry Peltier, both Louisiana natives. In Peltier's case, he inherited a sugar farm from the family and the sugar cane they grow is used as the base distillate for their spirits in many cases. The two have a medical background but have turned their interest to distillation. 

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