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Bacardi 8yr Ron Reserva Añejo Superior Rum

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Bacardi rums were first developed by the founder Facundo Bardi Massó, whose name is with the privately held company to this day. The rum was made in Cuba for a great period of time until 1975, when it moved to Puerto Rico due to the Communist revolution.

The Bacardi 8yr Anejo takes the original silver, which is aged for 1-2 years, and gives it an additional 8 years in oak barrels (giving rise to the label). This is considered one of the premium end products of from Bacardi and considered an exceptional value for the money.

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StevenSauce (42) (3/5/2014)
4.0 stars very mellow, light oak, bit fruit, no harsh notes, gentle. nothing exceptional but good value and better than its mainstream comp hc7.
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Quetzal (68) (7/3/2013)
(3 out of 5). I was skeptical because of the brand, but had to give it a try because of the price and reviews. Interesting and enjoyable scent. Very light and pleasant, and a decent sipper. Nothing exceptional, but for the price it's pretty good, and is presented well. I'd still rather pay the extra few bucks for Ron Abuelo 12, Mount Gay XO or Matusalem 15. $18 in my area.
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robi (6) (11/28/2011)
smooth at the start with a kick at the finish!
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CapnJimbosRumProject (40) (8/9/2010)
At The Rum Project Forum we have reviewed over 120 rums and tend to like younger rums. Eight years in the tropics is like 20 years in the north. We found this 8 year to be a surprisingly pleasant, light sipper, nice and fresh. But really unremarkable, and honestly I have to doubt its age, as it tastes much younger. For the complete review and many others, do stop by:
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