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Cruzan Coconut Rum

From: Virgin Islands (U.S.) Liquor Review Category: Fruit/Berry Flavored Rum

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2012

Beverage Testing Institute

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Proof66 Notes

Cruzan Rum Distillery is located on St Croix and recalls the time from Christopher Columbus's "discovery" of the islands and the naming of the natives as crucians after the name of the island. This eventually became the name "cruzan." The distillery was founded in 1706 and had a variety of owners. The label is pronounced "CREW-shun" (not "crew-ZAN") after the native Crucians of St Croix. 

Cruzan Coconut rum is one of a long line of flavored rums from Cruzan. This is one of the first flavored rums on the market and the first offered by Cruzan. They suggest trying it as a dessert topping any fresh fruit juice.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 2 ratings and 2 reviews.
cgtboy1988 cgtboy1988 (76) (2016-05-10)
This rum is coconut rum. Nothing great, nothing particularly bad- the flavor reminds me of very light Carribbean style rum (mostly sugary) with a strong coconut note. That is about all there is to say about it... The price was great at $4 a bottle.
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jaketaz jaketaz (163) (2015-03-27)
Inoffensive, but totally pointless compared to Parrot Bay. The unflavored Cruzan products are solid enough, no reason to drink their weird flavored ones. Try the blackstrap, single barrel, spiced etc.
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