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Ron Barceló Premium Imperial Blend Dominican Rum

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Barcelo International was first founded as Barcelo & Company in 1929 by the Spaniard Julian Barcelo who came to the Caribbean specifically to explore rum-making. The company has remained in the family and is run today by Jose Antonio Miguel Barcelo. The company today reaches into hotel and health services as well as rum. They take pride in using chromatography to verify water purity, waste-management systems that re-use waste products, and carefully controlled aging warehouses to preserve against "taste alteration." Barcelo recently expanded to form Barcelo Internacional and now appears to be part DuBar & Compania in an effort to expand the brand.

Ron Barcelo Imperial rum is the premium rum from the Barcelo label. It's considered an aged rum but does not carry an age statement.

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StanMemTn StanMemTn (100) (2013-10-04)
A nicely fruited, appropriately sweet rum. As noted below, excellent with a cigar.
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ChrisCarlsson ChrisCarlsson (326) (2010-09-03)
Rather complex, but a bit leaner than the Diplomatico series. An excellent example of a Dominican rum. Lots of complexity yet subtle, not overly sweet or thick.
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CapnJimbosRumProject CapnJimbosRumProject (40) (2010-08-09)
At The Rum Project (link follows) Sue Sea and I have reviewed over 120 rums. Imperial's aroma is pungent, a deep orange leather, and borders on a deep clove with a hint of pineapple, cigar box and vanilla. A great cigar rum. For the complete review and many more:
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