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1800 Reserva 100% Agave Coconut Flavored Tequila

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The Cuervo name traces its history all the way back to 1758 with Jose Antonio Cuervo. The name quickly grew for the next 100 years to include somewhere between 2.5 million and 5 million agave plants on over 10,000 hectares by the turn of 20th century. Unfortunately, in the 1930s, the estate was broken up into smaller farmsteads. Grupo Cuervo was formed in 1979 after several different owners and managers of the Cuervo brand and assets. Since that time they have been neck-and-neck with Sauza in tequila production and working with international distributors. In 1998, they expanded their brand into premium tequilas, including some Coleccion Anejo tequilas that fetched $1,000 per bottle.

1800 tequilas are made by Casa Cuervo from 100% blue agave. The name comes from the "historic event" of aging tequila in oak for the very first time. The line was first launched in 1975 as a premium sipping tequila.

1800 Reserva Silver tequila is a blended tequila that includes a 15-day aging in American oak plus a "touch" of blending with other aged tequilas. As a result, it has a pale yellow color unusual for silver tequilas. 1800 Coconut is a recent launch of flavored tequila, this being (of course) the tropical flavor of coconut.

The 1800 tequila brand is owned and managed by Proximo Spirits.

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This bottle has 2 ratings and 2 reviews.
flintquatch flintquatch (171) (2014-03-16)
I consistently say that 1800 is one of the better tequilas i have tried and this is no exception. Flavored tequilas are strange but this works. I could see making a strange pina colada with this.
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cloughtower cloughtower (16) (2013-12-23)
Got this as a gift. It came with some pineapple juice for a mixed drink they recommended. Not bad... Don't think I'd buy it, though. It could be fun for a party.
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