Proof66 Videos

Welcome to our video page! We are focusing on How-To videos at the moment, but we'll soon be working on videos related to other liquor topics. Check back often and if you have a topic you'd like us to cover, please contact us!

Proof66 Data Services

Today's market provides more daring liquor of higher quality than at any point in history. Proof66 brings awareness of the quality and the story of the spirit right at the point of purchase. Our core business objective is to better connect a spirit with its audience. We provide numerous data services to retail stores, review and research websites/apps, and scoring/rating competitions. Contact us for more information!

How to Navigate the Liquor Menus

Learn how to navigate our liquor menus to find what you want more quickly.

How to Find a Hard to Spell Bottle

Having trouble finding a hard to spell bottle or want to know more about how our search feature works? View this video to find out!