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Brilliant Vodka

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Brilliant vodka is one of the brands offered through Brilliant Spirits and Solutions. It is distilled in Scotland from winter wheat. The "brilliant" in the label refers in part to the filtration process, which includes not only traditional charcoal but also cut diamonds. They are also proud of the packaging, which includes a hexagonal bottle and shot glass.

They offer the following poem on their website:

‘tis made of Grain, but not a Loaf,
A Fruit of Passion - not a Child,
Although a Scot, is not a Whiskey,
And while fair, not a Lady.
‘tis not a Phoenix,
though born from Ashes,
‘tis Clear and Smooth,
A flowing Gem,
A Diamond, Precious...
Brilliant Vodka

Brilliant Spirits is located in Dublin, Ireland. According to the SEC filing with White Diamond Spirits (importer of record into the US), it is produced out of Clyde Bonding of Scotland, often associated with the Edrington Group.

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