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Frïs Imported Skandia Freeze Distilled Vodka

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Proof66 Notes

Fris Vodka is pronounced like the English "freeze" and is translated from Danish as "frost" or "ice." Fris vodka uses a special distillation process they call freeze distillation. Freeze distillation was actually invented prior to modern (and by that we mean middle-ages) distillation methods that use heat by taking advantage of the fact that alcohol freezes at lower temperatures than water. (Think of keeping vodka in the freezer, for example.) During winter, wines were left outside and the liquid left over separated from the ice creating a rather harsh and primitive distillate. Fris takes modern column-still vodka and undertakes a special and more sophisticated freeze distillation to help remove oils and other impurities.

In 2012, Fris launched a new look for their bottle, going from clear to a charcoal grey-black with an obelisk-like design. 

UpdateRumors began to circulate that production of Fris had moved from Sweden to Canada for at least North American distribution. While we can find little official about it, the 2013 filings with the federal Tax and Trade Bureau indicate the source is in Canada. Accordingly, we have updated our database to show a Canadian producer.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 4 ratings and 4 reviews.
Yankel W. Yankel W. (45) (2015-07-17)
No stars - didn't purchase. I checked today, and Fris is now concocted and bottled in Canada. So, I didn't buy any. The US product is no longer distilled/bottled in Denmark. And, the large bottle is indeed plastico.
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Review Comments
Proof66 Staff (2015-07-22):
Hi Yankel... Proof66 staff here. You're right! We checked and, sure enough, the federal filing has this with Canada now. Bummer: we liked the Scandinavian mystique. We've updated our notes to reflect this. Thanks for your review!

monkeyxx monkeyxx (40) (2013-09-22)
First of all, the big one's a plastic bottle, which is kind of a downer. Fris has a pretty cool grain taste, but, it's a bit heavy on the burnt flavors and not very smooth. There are better options, many.
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Dakota Dakota (136) (2013-05-22)
This Vodka used to be 5 stars when it was made in Denmark. The new bottle style made in Canada is medium quality. If you see the old style bottle, buy it.
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lexxia1 lexxia1 (20) (2010-10-24)
Lexxia 1 here.....With Fris wow this vodka is good......With this vodka.....its time to get out an make some drinks......They make this vodka at freezing ice cold temperatures....removing all impurities.....on the rocks.....its OK....thats not what its for though......for 10$ which is what it costs....U make any flavor vodka u want....just mix it with fris....let it sit for a done....In fact this company says thats what your supposed to do with the bottle......I already made my own....Peach Vodka with this....I just added the flavor to the bottle an let it sit for a came out great...better then most peach this product is cheap....its its alot of fun......very high quality product.....just dont drink too much straight....haha....its not quite that good....10 bucks u can find it anywhere....Fris
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