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Auchentoshan Single Malt Three Wood Triple Distilled Scotch Whisky

From: Lowlands, Scotland Liquor Review Category: Single Malt Scotch

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98th Percentile
This score falls in the 98th percentile of all spirits in the Whiskey category and is an example of the very best in its class.
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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2005
  • 2009
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

Beverage Testing Institute

  • This bottle has not been rated by this competition.

Wine Enthusiast

  • 2011
  • 2015

Proof66 Notes

Auchentoshan is very proud of Three Wood expression, which they age first in American bourbon (oak) casks, then Spanish oloroso sherry casks, and finally in Spanish Pedro Ximenez sherry casks (three different woods). They say it results in "a Lowland single malt whisky rich with dark fruits and thick butterscotch."

The 2011 Wine Enthusiast review declared the Three Wood to be a "dessert friendly" scotch.

Auchentoshan means "corner of the field" in Gaelic. Auchentoshan was founded in 1823 located next to the Clyde River. According to Marc Hoffmann’s book “Whiskey,” it was “rebuilt in 1875 but then severely bombed by the Germans in World War II with the sad sight of burning whiskey flowing into the Clyde River. It went dark but then was reconstructed in 1948, modernized in 1974, and then purchased by the Morrison Group in 1984 and 10 years later to become a subsidiary of Suntory (the current owners). They are proud of the Lowlands tradition of “triple distillation,” by which they take the distillate up to a very high 162 proof, which creates the very soft, gentle whiskey that they prize. The label is pronounced, “AWK-en-TOSH-en.”

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WhiskyChick WhiskyChick (24) (2016-05-09)
I'm getting a lot of alcohol, bitter wood and a remnant of sherry left on my lips. Some really nice hazelnut on the nose. I feel like I'll warm up to this more over time.
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bughunter bughunter (6) (2015-06-13)
I was gifted a bottle of this as a housewarming gift. Nice balance of the mild peat and hint of sherry. Very drinkable, smooth and satisfying. A great special occasion whisky.
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decostrj decostrj (11) (2013-08-25)
Fruits and nutty on the nose. Dry entry with a burst of sherry notes. Long finish with almonds at the end. Great sweet whiskey for a new scotch drinker.
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scalihan scalihan (40) (2013-08-16)
Delicious. Super smooth and full if flavor. A new favorite.
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