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Bird Dog Blackberry Flavored Whiskey

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2010

Beverage Testing Institute

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Proof66 Notes

Bird Dog Blackberry Flavored whiskey is part of a growing trend of flavored whiskeys made popular by Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon among others. It is made with Kentucky bourbon blended with what they call "all natural blackberry flavors." Their brand is supportive of outdoor sports (as the name suggests) and they support several different efforts for conservation tied with hunting.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau lists the Three Spirits Bottling Company of Kentucky as the producer of the spirit; the label appears to be owned by Western Spirits.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 8 ratings and 8 reviews.
Filthee Filthee (54) (2015-01-09)
This is a young whiskey, no doubt about that and it shows up in the taste, but it decently smooth and personally I don't think that the blackberry flavor is too over the top. More for a mixer than to sip straight (I drink it in lemonade or 7up, but I know a few people who swear by mixing it in colas) but not terrible on its own over ice. The bottle is fantastic for it's price point (solid bottle, nice shape and a cork top which for me is a big plus especially on a sub-$20 bottle). Considering it's price and drinkability, especially for those who may not be "whisky" drinkers, I recommend it to a lot of people for their home bars
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jaketaz jaketaz (163) (2014-10-02)
Overly sticky and sweet, if you put it in a cocktail you'll have to add bourbon or something to cut it a little. At that point you might as well use regular bourbon and add some actual blackberries or something rather than a berry-flavored weak bourbon like this. Only 70 proof, too sweet, and the berry flavor tastes fake.
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flintquatch flintquatch (196) (2013-07-29)
I like flavored whiskeys... but not this one. The whiskey is harsh and the infusion is with blackberries that must have been harvested straight from ass-mountain. Just gross
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Keln Keln (1) (2012-02-07)
I'll admit, I am a bit of a whiskey snob when it comes right down to it. I like my liquor neat, no flavoring or ice to spoil the complexities of an excellent liquor. Much like a good steak stand on it's own without steak sauce, a good whiskey needs nothing else but a glass to hold it. But I as feeling adeventurous in the liquor store, and had never had a so-called flavoured whiskey. In fact, I wasn't really sure what that is until now...whiskey and bourbon are what they are...why would you put something in them? But I saw this bottle, and I, for some reason, was immediately drawn to it. Part of me balked at the idea of whiskey being infused with fruit...why would you do that to perfectly good whiskey? And when I saw the price, I assumed...well because it probably isn't "good" whiskey. But then, I've had a few cheap whiskeys that turned out to be rather good, and very underpriced. So I gave this Bird Dog a shot...and boy was it a surprise. The first thing I noticed was that I could taste both the blackberry infusion (which is quite strong) AND the whiskey, as if they are seperate tastes competing with, but also working with each other. There is an immediate berry flavour, and a somewhat thick feel to the liquor, followed with that warm, pleasant and familiar feel of whiskey...and apparently good whiskey at that. I may be a little biased due to the bottle reminding me a little of my favorite...Woodford Reserve, but I could swear that without the blackberry in the background, it could pass as a good bourbon. This whiskey is incredibly drinkable, and is even better on ice. As I prefer my whiskey neat and a little more complex and less sweet, I would only give it 4 stars instead of personal tastes. But Bird Dog is really delicious. And I found that adding it to some southern sweet tea makes of an excellent fact a rather dangerous drink I'd imagine, as the alcohol taste all but disappears in such a concoction. My one "sticking" point with this whiskey is that it is, well, sticky. Any bit that dribbles around the outside of the bottle will leave a rather sticky residue, which confirms the sugar content of this potent potable. My biggest surprise is how the manufacuters of Bird Dog are able to maintain 80 proof whilst obvioulsy mixing so much berry juice into this concoction, and still have that whiskey taste instead of a more vodka or moonshine taste to the liquor. This brand has figured out some trick to flavoring hard liquor that will give your local apple pie 'shine maker a run for his money.
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don2469 don2469 (5) (2012-01-06)
Again, if you are not a flavored whiskey drinker I understand, another for the ladies, but still good mixed in 7up... Ya I know... Overall I'll keep it on hand to share just to hear the Ya's or Nay's.. Cheers my friends!
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degbert degbert (147) (2011-09-29)
What do you get when you combine mediocre whiskey and generic blackberry Kool-Aid? I don't know, but it has a dog on the label.
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wolverine2211 wolverine2211 (5) (2011-05-18)
I have been drinking / sipping Bird Do Blackberry since it first hit the market. I LOVE it and I have been a whiskey drinker since 1978. Its smooth, not too sweet, and has the "just right touch" for the new whiskey enthusiast. If ever a blackberry whiskey should arise then this will be the mark to me.
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Carbon60 Carbon60 (1) (2010-09-29)
Tasty and affordable - Try it Chilled!
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