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Blade & Bow 22yr Limited Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

From: Connecticut, United States Liquor Review Category: Bourbon American Whiskey

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98th Percentile
This score falls in the 98th percentile of all spirits in the Whiskey category and is an example of the very best in its class.
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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2015

Beverage Testing Institute

  • This bottle has not been rated by this competition.

Wine Enthusiast

  • 2016

Proof66 Notes

Blade & Bow 22yr Limited Release Bourbon is the premier entry into the bourbon market by Diageo. It was first released in 2015 and pays homage to the historic Stitzel-Weller distillery in Kentucky... a place that bourbon enthusiasts regard as holy ground for some of the more famous whiskeys and distillers but today is now almost entirely a warehouse. It is impressively old with an apparently outstanding pedigree, though the solera aging process suggests some variability bottle to bottle.

The Blade & Bow 22yr Bourbon was named "Best Straight Bourbon" in the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (out of an impressive field of 92 bourbons).

The name "Blade & Bow" is said to be two parts of a skeleton key, which is one of the symbols decorating the facility at Stitzel-Weller. In a very interesting move, Diageo takes some of the original Stitzel-Weller stock of bourbon—a diminishing supply that itself cannot sustain a label—and borrows the solera aging method from Spain. This involves retaining a small part of the last barrel of whiskey and blending it with the next oldest barrel... in this way, some small part of every bottle should, over time, have historically old whiskey contributing to the flavor. With seeds of the Stitzel-Weller product in every barrel that's blended in, some heritage of that whiskey should indeed comprise at least a small fraction of every bottle.

This leads to the question of where the rest of the whiskey comes from... no one is sure but in a detailed write-up at The Bourbon Review, they suggest Bernheim Distillery (a wheat whiskey) and Buffalo Trace Distillery (interestingly, both owned by competitor companies in Heaven Hills and Sazerac respectively). There is similar mystery around the grain bill.

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sixfoot sixfoot (5) (2016-01-15)
A bit of spice, but not too much. Very smooth and not overly strong. All the burn on the back. Reminds me of WT.
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