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Clyde May's Conecuh Ridge Whiskey

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Clyde May's whiskey is named for WWII veteran Clyde May who returned to Alabama for a life of moonshining. This tradition lives in his son Kenny May, who produced his first (legal) batch of whiskey for sale in 2002 and was the original owner of the brand. Kenny May felt the product faithfully reproduced the product his father made. The whiskey itself is a blended grain whiskey of corn, rye, and barley, which we believe suggests a flavor profile somewhat similar to bourbon (though it is not, of course, officially a bourbon whiskey). It is aged in new American oak barrels (another trait of bourbon). They suggest drinking neat.

The brand is owned by Spirit Acquisitions of Texas, who purchased the label in 2009 (and since that time, Kenny May is no longer involved with the production). According to the filing with the Tax and Trade Bureau, it is produced by Florida Distillers as of 2012 (formerly with Kentucky Bourbon Distillers). According to an interview in Tasting Panel Magazine (Kelly Merritt, December, 2013), there are plans to build a distillery and bottling plant in Alabama. Conecuh Ridge was named the official spirit of the state of Alabama in 2004 despite a veto from Governor Bob Riley (overridden by the legislature) and a later attempted repeal by the state senate. 

The 2012 Wine Enthusiast review recommended it specifically for Whiskey Sour cocktails.

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This bottle has 2 ratings and 2 reviews.
Edith MaGoo Edith MaGoo (55) (2014-04-28)
This is the first American Blended I've tried. And like the reviewer bemeath me, I'm extremely surprised and impressed. The nose has a little bite, but the first taste is extremely sweet. It goes down very smooth and warms up in the throat. It reminds me of a top shelf Wild Turkey Spiced. In other words, if WT Spiced were slightly better and classed up, it would be reminiscent of Cyde May. I will definitely try this again.
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degbert degbert (147) (2012-11-03)
Wow. Very surprised by this one; the distiller was at Whiskies of the World Austin, and he was quite social. This is six-year-old bourbon, aged on a very light infusion of apples and cinnamon. The nose is spice cookies, and the tongue is an amazing barely-sweet aromatic bourbon. Excellent product.
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