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Corsair Ryemageddon American Rye Whiskey

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Proof66 Notes

Corsair Ryemageddon whiskey is their aged version of the Wry Moon White rye whiskey, made from a blend of chocolate and malted rye grain.

We had the pleasure of trying the Ryemageddon at Distill America 2013 and enjoyed it a great deal... it made our list of highlights of the night!

The fine review in the 2014 Beverage Testing Institute echoed our feelings claiming it was "Fantastically vibrant and flavor packed."

Corsair Artisan Distillery is a small-batch, hand-crafted spirits company making "just a few cases at a time." Their copper still is from 1920 and holds a mere 240 gallons. It was founded by Andrew Webber and Darek Bell and today has distilleries in both Kentucky and Tennessee. They intend to market specifically to Generations X and Y. In 2015, the technological and futurist magazine Fast Company ranked the #4 in the "10 Most Innovative Companies in Food."

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WhiskyChick WhiskyChick (24) (2016-05-03)
God I love this. The subtle taste of chocolate is perfection. Easy drinkin'....
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Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (95) (2013-03-05)
We had a chance to try this whiskey at Distill America 2013 in Madison, WI. The chocolate is present but not sweet and not overwhelming. It envelopes the whiskey and dampens some of the arid dryness that can overwhelm a rye whiskey. Not sure about it's application in some citrus cocktails but would be very interesting to experiment. Exceptionally well crafted.
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Phizbin Phizbin (204) (2013-02-23)
This is a fabulously different rye whiskey. Theres deep chocolate on the nose and rich chocolate on the palate. For the whiskey drinker, its almost a chocolate malt. Fun to sip, I put it in an Old Fashioned or, even better, a Mint Julep. Just a touch hot on the proof.
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