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Dark Corner Distillery Lewis Redmond Carolina Bourbon Whiskey

From: South Carolina, United States Liquor Review Category: Bourbon American Whiskey

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2014

Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2014

Wine Enthusiast

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Proof66 Notes

Dark Corner Lewis Redmond Bourbon is named for the Lewis Redmond styled as an 18th century southern Robin Hood. The bourbon itself is distilled as a "wheated bourbon," meaning the corn grain is balanced out with wheat rather than rye, implying a softer, more approachable bourbon.

Daryl Putnam has a nice write-up on the history of the moonshiner/outlaw figure of Redmond.

About the Producer:

Dark Corner Distillery is named for the "dark corner" of South Carolina in the northeast corner of Greenville County at the foot of the Appalachian Hills. They say the original European settlers brought with them the distilling tradition applied to corn leading to over 175 years of whiskey tradition. The distillery was founded by Joe Fenten and Richard Wenger, who were former electrical engineers, on the site of a 1925 building. They designed and built their own distilling equipment and commit to using high quality grains and water, with a commitment towards recycling and re-using their by-products.

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justathing justathing (7) (2015-02-22)
Do you dare
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