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Early Times 354 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

From: Kentucky, United States Liquor Review Category: Bourbon American Whiskey

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Proof66 Notes

Early Times Kentucky Whiskey was first produced in 1860 and maintained a status through Prohibition as a "medicinal" whiskey. The mix of grains, or mashbill, follows a traditional bourbon-style recipe of corn, rye, and barley. It's blended down with the famous Kentucky limestone water that has made those spirits so desirable the world round.

Early Times 354 is their first bourbon ever produced. The name 354 stems from the federal permit for the distillery which was "Permit No. 354." They claim it is the longest held permit in the United States. They describe it as both the newest and oldest whiskey in the Early Times product list.

The 2012 Beverage Testing Institute review suggested pairing the bourbon with a steak. More liberal in 2013, they recommended it for "all applications."

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Storcke Storcke (24) (2014-12-23)
Very good for the price; not what I would call "lower shelf." Nice gentle corn flavor, good barrel notes, no bitterness (which means a lot to me), but very light on the palette and finish. I suspect the mash bill is very heavy on the corn like Dickel products (84%). MUCH better than the Early Times blended whiskey. My only complaint is what monkeyxx said--watery. They've apparently tried to "smooth" it down to compete with JD, and I think that's a mistake. If this were 92 proof I would be all over it.
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monkeyxx monkeyxx (40) (2013-08-21)
Light watery flavor with a smooth finish and a good strong burn. Pretty good at the price. Doesn't have the "yuk" of a lot of the cheaper bourbons, which means a lot to me. Not sophisticated but pleasant to drink.
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degbert degbert (147) (2012-11-03)
Candied nose -- lots of brown sugar. Malic on the tongue; not apple candy, but definitely apple crisp or cobbler. Finish was very very hot. It's all right, but there's better options in the price range.
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aslezak aslezak (27) (2011-09-26)
I went to the Kentucky Derby some years ago, and the mint julip was made with Early Times Whiskey.  This bourbon is nothing like the Early Times whiskey that you may remember.  The palette is similar to "premium" bourbons in the $25-30 price range, strong in flavor, albeit with a very light finish.  I have to rate this one high as it's a very good value.  It's not going to linger in your mouth like a 10yr (or older) bourbon, but the taste really hits the spot.  I honestly hate Early Times Whiskey so please do trust me on this one.
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