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Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond 100-Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

From: Kentucky, United States Liquor Review Category: Bourbon American Whiskey

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  • 2004

Proof66 Notes

Heaven Hill Distilleries was founded shortly after prohibition and in the height of the Great Depression with no brands and no ready available stocks of whiskey. Today, they claim an inventory of over 675,000 barrels. The company reports that it is "the largest independent, family-owned producer and marketer of distilled spirits in the country." While Heaven Hill focuses on bourbon, it produces a wide array of spirits.

Evan Williams claims to be the second largest selling brand of bourbon in the US. The brand itself is named for the reputed "first distiller" in 1783.

This is a relatively difficult bottle to find--or so we suspect from the various complaints we see on blogs. We also read one of the funniest comments about a bourbon anywhere when Swiggin said--with apologies for quoting in full--"It tears a path up the sides and back of your throat and makes you salivate from the jaws slightly before blooming large in your upper chest. Behind is scorched sugar and some terrible feeling of apprehension and flashes of a girl with cigarette breath and a small black lace bra in the back seat of a primered Plymouth with an exhaust leak. I like it." Wow. Just, wow.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 8 ratings and 8 reviews.
Cranecreek Cranecreek (50) (2016-08-21)
I hope I have the right product here. Barcode matches. $20.00 for a liter. A strange find as the store had one bottle and were not sure why they had that, the first I have seen in WI. A very acceptable bourbon, and I like bottled in bond products as they remove some of the questions as to what you are getting. As to the bourbon=much better than EW black label, not as much dry Oak and deeper flavors of sweet corn, Vanilla, and honey roasted peanut. All flavors seem to arrive at mid palate with a longish finish. A wee bit raw and sharp in overall taste. A few drops of spring water helps develop the taste. No offsetting attributes and I think this sets well between other Heaven Hill bourbons (EC 12-EW single barrel-and the 10 year Henry McKenna BIB) 4th star for the BIB and value.
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Review Comments
BDanner (2016-08-22):
Glad you liked it...@ around $26 for a 1.75 handle it is now my standard mixing bourbon, but good enough to drink neat. I don't know why I didn't mention it in my review (maybe because I mention it in most Heaven Hill product reviews) but I definitely get the dry/honey roast peanut note in here.

US Spirit US Spirit (47) (2015-12-20)
I have yet to see Evan Williams BiB for sale in my home state, but I found a bottle in the state liquor store in PA when I went to visit my mom. Price was $16. Evan Williams BiB is surprisingly smooth for a 100 proof spirit. Not as smooth as Old Forester Signature (which is twice the price) but definitely smoother than Wild Turkey. The taste surprised me, as its pretty much the opposite of Evan Williams. It is dryer and woody, balanced by rye spice. It's not as bitter as Evan 1783 or Single Barrel though. I don't know how or why, but it seems to have much more rye spice than Bulleit (in spite of a much smaller presence in the mash). Nose is mostly of rye spice with a little oak. On my first and second pour I couldn't find the caramel and vanilla typical of most bourbons in either the smell or the taste, but I have managed to find it in subsequent pours. The finish can get pretty bitter (almost like I have a charcoal briquette in my mouth), but adding just a drop of water kind of turns it into a poor man's Elijah Craig (brings out some of the missing sweetness, and tones down the bitter). When I wrote this review I said this was a bit too dry and bitter unless I added water. I didn't get that on subsequent pours. This is the only fairly complex bourbon I've had for less than $20. Originally I said I might buy it again but I'm not sure when. I'm changing my take. This is my new cheap bourbon of choice. Recommended to Heaven Hill fans and BiB fans in general (as before). Also recommended for anyone with less than $20 to spend who doesn't want to go slumming. 3 1/2 stars for now, I might bump it to 4 stars later this stuff is growing on me.
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Review Comments
BDanner (2015-12-17):
I'm with you on the 3 1/2 stars, but I'm a Heaven Hill fan, so I rounded up.

US Spirit (2015-12-20):
I wish I could do a scale of 1 to 10 instead. This is the most complex bourbon under $20 I've ever had. Its the best bourbon I've given a 3 star rating. I think I just dislike the idea of saying its as good as Beam Black or Wild Turkey.

Cranecreek (2016-01-23):
I wish I could get it in Wisconsin. On another note-you do such factual reviews would you consider one on Crown Royal Black-I seem to be in the minority on that one.

BDanner BDanner (105) (2015-11-17)
I was excited to try this one. Found it on sale for $12. Normally $15. From the nose, I thought I was going to be disapointed. Uncomfortable high alcohol burn with cinnamon, burnt sugar and oak in the background. Let it sit for a few minutes and no change. Neat it enters sweet with oak and cinnamon (and a new assault on the nasal passages from the alcohol). Pleasant warm finish with earthy oak tanins lingering. A splash or a couple cubes does tame the nose slightly and gives it a creamier mouthfeel. Once I got used to the nose, this was the best bourbon I've had in the $15 price range, and a down right steal at $12. Definitely worth the buck or two extra over the Black label. However, with BIB demand on the rise, I wouldn't be surprised to see the price on this one take a jump ala Old Granddad BIB. If it weren't for the nose, this one would get 5 stars from me, based on the quality of the juice and the incredible value. ***Note: after the bottle had been opened and about a third of the juice consumed, I did notice a taming of the high alcohol on the nose. This could be a reaction to the extra air in the bottle, or just me getting used to it???***
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Review Comments
Cranecreek (2016-08-15):
I finally found this on a chance at a store 30 miles away-They had 1 bottle and were not sure how they got it- I see now why you like this and this EW BIB may just change my thinking on standard bourbon vs./ premier bottlings.

BDanner (2016-08-15):
Glad you like it. My store has started stocking the 1.75L for $26. Best Bourbon value going.

Cranecreek (2016-08-21):
My review is in-a bit off from yours, but close.

Tango Tango (48) (2015-10-03)
Evan Williams Bottled in Bond 100 proof is not as good as Evan Williams Black Label, It is just Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond 100 proof repackaged as Evan Williams Bottled in Bond 100 proof It has great nose of vanilla ,oak and caramel, but enters with burning corn .and ends with bitter oak finish.It is a good mixer , but not straight
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Yankel W. Yankel W. (45) (2015-05-15)
This whiskey has the protection of Bond, so is minimum 4 years. It is a good sippin whiskey, the high proof is not harsh and it provides a smooth tasting Bourbon. The price is good, and proves that a good sippin whiskey needn't be hyped to astronomical prices.
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Filthee Filthee (54) (2015-01-30)
For just a few dollars more than Black Label you get a fuller, more complex, and surprisingly (to me at least) a smoother bourbon even though it is aged less and almost 20% higher proof. A great mixer, on ice, or with a bit of water. Just make sure to let it sit a minute to disperse the fumes which can be a bit harsh right after the pour
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Dakota Dakota (136) (2014-03-12)
This bourbon was smooth a good mixer higher proof and is down right inexpensive excellent product.
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antiquecollector antiquecollector (28) (2013-12-16)
Not bad at all for the price and high proof. Oaky, strong barrel influence in the nose and taste but add a little water and/or let it sit for a few minutes to see what happens. There's a funny error on the right side of the label, it's easy to see when you compare it to the black label.
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