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Four Roses Limited Edition 2009 Release Barrel Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

From: Kentucky, United States Liquor Review Category: Bourbon American Whiskey

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Tier 2
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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2010

Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2010

Wine Enthusiast

  • This bottle has not been rated by this competition.

Proof66 Notes

Four Roses Barrel Strength bourbon is uncut and unfiltered, straight from the barrel at a very, very high proof ranging from 113 to 117 depending upon the barrel.

About the Producer:

Four Roses Distillery prides itself on owning five proprietary strains of yeast that produce ten distinct recipes. The name of the distillery and their bourbon comes from founder Paul Jones Jr and his marriage proposal: a yes meant she would wear a rose to the dance and--in true legendary form--she wore four in a corsage. The brand itself--according to a brief write-up in the January, 2013 edition of Tasting Panel Magazine--was founded in the 1930s (with roots as far back as 1888) to be bought by Seagram in 1943. Seagram pulled the brand from the US market in the 1960s and it wasn't reborn until 1994 at the hands of Master Distiller Jim Rutledge, who in his words: "Seagram's destroyed the brand, and we had to overcome that perception. In a way it's been fun, but in a way it's been a challenge." Today, the brand is owned by Kirin Brewery of Japan who acquired Four Roses in 2002.

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