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George Dickel Cascade Hollow Tennessee Whisky

From: Tennessee, United States Liquor Review Category: Tennessee Whiskey American Whiskey

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2010

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Proof66 Notes

George Dickel Cascade Hollow whisky is named for the location of the water they use for all their whiskies. It is a newer edition and a mid-range 86 proof.

George Dickel Tennessee whiskies are made with a mash bill (whose proportions are secret) of barley, rye, and corn. Blended down with limestone water from Cascade Hollow, the whiskey is "mellowed" through sugar maple charcoal, double distilled, and then aged in oak. One of their signature processes is to chill-filter the spirit before the charcoal mellowing, which they say creates a special smoothness to their whisky. Note that the distillery has opted to spell whisky without the "e" in defiance of American whiskey tradition (and we'll follow suit here). The label is owned by Diageo.

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LiquorBox21X LiquorBox21X (25) (2012-04-01)
This won double gold for a reason. In baseball- 'e' stands for error.  This is 'e'  free whisky.  Cascade Hollow is a very good whisky at a very good price. Available in 50ml sampler- so try it!
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TheSippingLife TheSippingLife (110) (2011-05-15)
In the world of spirits, instances of the extreme or near-extreme value for money ratio are rare, especially in anything valued at $20 or less. Dickel's Cascade Hollow is one of those esteemed few, in my opinion. Not only is this Tennessee whisky (minus the E, bucking American tradition defiantly) very good for the price, it's smooth with only a hint of burn, it seems to harbor a natural coolness, and it challenges other American whiskies I have that cost double or more its price. If you're still buying Daniels or Beam without trying this one, you are missing out, and frankly, wasting money. Dickel's nose, it's one major flaw, is nothing to write home about; but, it does give hints of its recipe. The flavor and experience though, are peerless in the price range, and so far I have had to spend much, much more to get the same effect from another American make. This is a stunning example for what you pay ($11.50 in my case), and I'm amazed I don't see it behind every bar.
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