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Glenmorangie 12yr Sonnalta PX Limited Edition Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

From: Highlands, Scotland Liquor Review Category: Single Malt Scotch

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2010
  • 2011

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Proof66 Notes

The Glenmorangie Distillery was founded in 1843 and lays claim to the tallest stills in Scotland, measuring 16 feet, 10 inches (5.14 meters). They say this means only the purest vapors reach the top to condense in "purer more elegant whisky." They have made a point of owning the land around the distillery to ensure the purity of their water. As an added commitment to quality, they use their oak casks only twice and in this way believe that they are ensuring the maximum possible flavors from the wood. Their stills are run by the famous "16 Men of Tain." "Glenmorangie" is Gaelic for "vale of big meadows" and the Glenmorangie Distillery traces its heritage far back before recorded history though first mention occurred in 1738 with a brewery. The distiller was owned by the MacDonald family until its very recent purchase by Moet-Hennessy in 2004 (300 million euros). It produces an extraordinary range of different expressions with a great change in lables due to its recent change in ownership. 

Glenmorangie has announced plans for a limited edition release of a "gem" every year into the foreseeable future; these will become the Glenmorangie Private Collection. The 2010 expression--the first gem--is the Glenmorangie Sonalta PX.

The name "sonalta" is said to be Gaelic for "generosity," where PX stands for Pedro Ximinez, a popular type of sherry cask for finishing scotch.
(From Whiskey Magazine.)

In an interview with Tasting Panel (May, 2010), Master Distiller Bill Lumsden stated that "The majority of single malt whisky is strong and oily; it's not well-suited to being finished. For Sonnalta PX, we're starting with a cleaner, unpeated spirit that has spent ten years in heavily charred American oak bourbon barrels and is ideally suited to taking on the rich, complex flavors of PX and spicy Spanish oak."

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Vossmeister Vossmeister (53) (2016-06-12)
Amazing whisky as you would expect from Glenmorangie
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