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Suntory Hakushu 12yr Single Malt Japanese Whisky

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97th Percentile
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Proof66 Notes

Suntory operates two distilleries. The first was Yamazaki distillery was constructed in 1924 and produced its first "genuine" whisky in 1929. It today produces the single malt whiskies for Suntory in the style of single malt scotches. Hakushu was built in 1973 "at the foot of Mt Kaikomagatake."

Hakushu whiskies are called the "fresh" whisky said to have a "crisp and vibrant feel." The Hakushu 12yr Single Malt Japanese whisky is said to smell of "fresh green leaves" and finish "soft, pleasantly smoked, and dry."

(Note: in the 2011 San Francisco World Competition results, the spirit is erroneously spelled "Hakshu")

Suntory was founded in 1899 by Shinjiro Torii beginning with the sale of grape wine. and today carry the tradition of "Yatte Minahare," which they translate as "go for it!" In 2003 they announced a philosophy of corporate citizenship.

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This bottle has 4 ratings and 3 reviews.
Slàinte Mhath Slàinte Mhath (39) (2016-09-22)
Although Hakushu 12 does not have the caliber of a Yamazaki, it is certainly a characterful and distinctly different Japanese Single Malt. Featuring floral and grassy notes, the aroma is quite complex with fresh herbs, heather honey and citrus fruits. A thin layer of delicate and dry peat smoke is well-integrated. On the palate, a fruity sweet arrival turns into aromatic, zesty but rather mild peatiness, dominated by herbal freshness. The moderate finish is peppery, slightly dry and leaves with a hint of oak bitterness. Overall, a harmonic and well-composed malt with character. RATING: 3.9/5.0 ≙ 87 pts
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kmix kmix (11) (2015-05-17)
Clean Islay style Japanese single malt
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Review Comments
Slàinte Mhath (2016-08-13):
In my opinion, Hakushu 12 can't be compared to Islay malts. The amount of peat smoke in here is SIGNIFICANTLY lower, more comparable to Ardmore or even Springbank. Besides, Hakushu 12 has no coastal aromas (compared to Islay malts), but features distinct floral and 'green' notes - almost Irish style. I think if you buy this bottle with the expectation of a 'Japanese Islay malt', you will be disappointed. This Single Malt has its own character and style.

NeatPour NeatPour (172) (2013-10-26)
It's an interesting take on an Islay scotch but from japan. The tasting notes are different but overall familiar. For me it wasn't something I would buy a bottle of but it was certainly worth trying.
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