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Hamiltons Islay Single Malt Scotch

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Proof66 Notes

Hamiltons line of single malt scotch whiskies are meant to invite exploration into the different regions of Scotland and the distinctive flavors they bring. At a value price, they're aimed for the scotch novice to being an investigation. This is the Islay expression, which should showcase the heavy peat and salt-air flavors that the Island scotches are known for.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Wine Enthusiast

  • 2013
This bottle has 1 rating and 1 review.
Cgtboy1988 Cgtboy1988 (58) (2016-05-10)
This is one of the strangest scotches I have had. It was marked down at Total Wine so I tried a bottle. It starts out OK but quickly devolves into what can only be described as an ashey taste. It is terrible on its own. Mixed? Perhaps in the right drink. I mixed with Tequila, hot sauce, a splash of lemon, a touch of pepper liqueur, and a touch of molasses and called it a "cigarette butt". Surprisingly decent drink and my only use so far for this.
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