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High West Distillery The 36th Vote Barrelled Manhattan Flavored Whiskey

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  • 2014

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Proof66 Notes

The High West 36th Vote whiskey is an homage to the vote that ended that most dreadful of all laws, Prohibition... even more appropriate since it was High West's home state of Utah that cast the deciding vote. The "Manhattan Barrelled" in the title is not a reference to New York but rather to the Manhattan cocktail. This whiskey takes a rye whiskey and blends with sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters--which is, of course, the recipe for the Manhattan. It is then aged in oak for 90 days allowing the flavors to "marry" and acquire some depth from the wood. They suggest serving neat or on the rocks. Here at Proof66, we have opted to classify this as a "flavored whiskey" rather than "Ready to Drink" (RTD) bottled cocktail. 

In our own tasting of the 36th Vote we found it to be a manly, masculine drink saying,

... we feel the 36th Vote would go absolutely perfectly with a steak. In fact, every steakhouse in America should be purchasing a bottle right now. It also has a classic, old-school cocktail aura about it.

The folks over at Highly Recommended the 36th Vote praising both its taste and inventiveness.

About the Producer:

High West Distillery is proud of both its small status and its western roots. It is currently restoring a 100 year-old livery stable as its future home and the horseshoes in the logo are meant to honor that tradition. In Utah, they are at an altitude of 7,000 feet in the Rockies. They hope that by enjoying their product the consumer is celebrating their "gumption" at bringing spirits back to Utah.

Rabble Reviews

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bearmark bearmark (22) (2012-12-04)
I like a Rye Manhattan and I like to use High West Rendezvous when making one... it tastes great! Believe it or not, this stuff is significantly better. The idea of barrel aging a cocktail sounded intriguing and I can tell you that it really works. The aged flavor is apparent and the balance of flavors is as good as it gets. I consider this a must buy for any serious American whiskey drinker.
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Review Comments
skorpitarius (2016-06-08):
damn. sounds dreamy !


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