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High West Campfire Straight Rye, Straight Bourbon, Blended Scotch Whiskey

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2015

Wine Enthusiast

  • 2013

Proof66 Notes

High West Campfire whiskey was first released in 2012 and they regard it as the world's first blend of bourbon, rye whiskey, and scotch. They say the inspiration came from a dessert served to proprietor David Perkins at Scotland's Bruichladdich bed and breakfast that included honeydew with peated syrup: a mixture of sugar and peat. Campfire whiskey attempts to blend the caramel and vanilla of bourbon with a rye spice and smoke from scotch. They suggest pairing with a chocolate dessert, s'mores, or "good looking strangers."

For technical details on this whiskey, the scotch is from an undisclosed distillery from the Speyside region and is called a "teaspoon malt." This, we're told, is because it can't legally be called a "single malt" so, out of the 10 barrels, each quite literally has a teaspoon of grain whiskey in each so that it fails to come afoul of the labeling laws. The majority of the whiskey is the 6yr aged bourbon with a blend of 2yr and 6 yr rye (appearing in the High West Double Rye and Rendezvous Rye respectively) and the 6-8yr scotch.

We had the pleasure of trying the Campfire at Distill America 2013 and enjoyed it a great deal... it made our list of highlights of the night.

The 2013 Wine Enthusiast review (Kara Newman) suggested "Gift a bottle to a Scotch lover to introduce to the joys of American whiskeys" in deference to the smoke in the spirit.

High West Distillery is proud of both its small status and its western roots. It is currently restoring a 100 year-old livery stable as its future home and the horseshoes in the logo are meant to honor that tradition. In Utah, they are at an altitude of 7,000 feet in the Rockies. They hope that by enjoying their product the consumer is celebrating their "gumption" at bringing spirits back to Utah.

Rabble Reviews

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tdwester tdwester (10) (2015-12-06)
This is the most unique whiskey I have tried, Bourbon Scotch and Rye blended to perfection. The smoke is very nice and complements the sweetness of the bourbon with the spice of the rye. Bottom line it's good booze, don't over think it and just enjoy.
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Quetzal Quetzal (91) (2014-04-22)
(4.5 out of 5). This stuff's great, maybe my favorite of the excellent High West line. Like all of their best whisk(e)ys, the rye is still what primarily comes through, with just a hint of added bourbon sweetness and Islay smoke. This is very well balanced stuff that is great for sipping. Costs me $55 or so, though I live close enough to buy it from the distillery, so it may be more expensive elsewhere.
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Proof66 Staff Proof66 Staff (95) (2013-03-05)
We had a chance to try this whiskey at Distill America 2013 in Madison, WI. The smoke from the scotch comes through just enough to add a bass line to the dance groove of the bourbon and rye. It’s as finely balanced a whiskey as anything we’ve tried. It is scotch for the American whiskey enthusiast.
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