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Hillrock Estate Distillery Double Cask Rye Whiskey

From: New York, United States Liquor Review Category: Rye American Whiskey

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92nd Percentile
This score falls in the 92nd percentile of all spirits in the Whiskey category and is an example of the very best in its class.
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Proof66 Notes

Hillrock Estate Double Cask Rye is aged in a traditional and heavy charred (#4, the highest) oak barrels (hence, the double cask). Unlike the vast majority of rye whiskey on the market, it is made with organically grown rye right on the Hillrock estate. This implies some heavy wood plus vanilla/caramel flavors from the oak.

Hillrock Estate Distillery was founded by Jeff Baker and located in the Hudson Valley of New York State, which they describe as having a legacy of American grain. The distillery is located at Hillrock House, restored in 2006 amidst their own grain fields. To this legacy, Hillrock is a true "grain to glass" distillery where they mill and ferment their own estate-grown grain before distilling in a custom-made copper pot still. The grain is raised without chemical interference and adherence to organic methods. In an even more unusual move, they "floor malt" their own grain, which means wetting and turning the grain in order for the grain to flower before drying and "freezing" the resulting sugars in the grain. Baker comes from a multi-decade farming background and a long advocate of local produce and vertical integration.

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