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Hudson Four Grain Bourbon Whiskey

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Proof66 Notes

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon whiskey is an aged whiskey made with a mash bill that includes corn, rye, wheat, and barley (hence, "four grains). In order to be declared a "bourbon," it must be at least 50% corn but for now, the exact ratios are unknown. The whiskey in very small batches at a time and each bottle is hand-numbered. Proof66 has only be able to find 375ml bottles of the Four Grain.

Please note: the price reported here is for a 375ml bottle.

Tuthilltown Spirits was founded in 2001 on the site of Tuthilltown Gristmill, which had been grinding grain to flour using the local river as power for over 220 years. Ralph Erenzo and Vicki Morgan purchased the property and put a microdistillery on the site. We were told that they at first wanted to make a world-class climbing facility over the rocky terrain but that local opposition squelched the idea and they had to something else... and that something else turned into spirits. They first produced a vodka two years later. Since that time they have expanded into several spirits and hope to renew the pre-Prohibition New York spirit of craft-distilling. Tuthilltown's Hudson Whiskey brand was acquired by Willaim Grant & Sons in 2010.

Rabble Reviews

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US Spirit US Spirit (47) (2015-11-27)
After trying (and thoroughly enjoying) Hudson's Baby Bourbon, this became my second grail bottle. The Baby Bourbon was unique and delicious, my only complaint (which only showed up after repeated tastings) was that sometimes I felt like I could taste too much corn. So what then could be better than a product by the same distiller with a mixed bourbon mash bill, aged maybe for as much as twice as long? (The Baby Bourbon is "aged under 4 years" which implies it could be as young as 2 years, this is an NAS straight bourbon so its at least 4 years old). When I found a bottle of this for $35 (still a fortune since they're 375ml, but considerably cheaper than the $50 I paid for the Baby Bourbon) I thought Christmas had come early. I was in for a huge disappointment. This is not nearly as good as the Baby Bourbon. It's not very smooth, overly dry (though not actually bitter), and not very interesting. I get a little tannin, some wood, and not much else. The smaller barrels, which were critical to making the Baby Bourbon so good, might not have been the best idea with a regular 4 year+ Bourbon, and why they thought the 4 grain mash bill was a good idea I'm not sure, they probably would have been better served by a classic 12% rye 3 grain mash bill here. I tend to like a fair bit of rye in my bourbon (something I didn't know yet when I bought this bottle, it helped me realize that) so I might be a bit biased in that sense. But anyway, I did not find much to like in Hudson's 4 Grain Bourbon, and this stuff is very expensive. This basically costs the same for 750ml as a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle's 15 year old (for the 3 seconds before the Van Winkle is sold out that is). So anyway this is 1.5 stars from me, and I'm be blatantly biased and rounding up because I like Tuthiltown distillery and their willingness to experiment.
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jason198 jason198 (5) (2015-04-26)
Very smooth
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Buck Mulligan Buck Mulligan (49) (2015-04-22)
Too young. All the potential in the world, but the youth of the spirit doesnt die down, even after several sips. I had high hopes for this offering and really like the Baby Bourbon and Manhattan Rye, but Im not a fan of this. I dont recommend.
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joebazz joebazz (25) (2015-03-01)
I was in a upstate NY local tavern recently and they had this and the Hudson Baby Bourbon.I have been waiting to try them but,was skeptical about the price.$45.00 for a 375mil.I am glad I waited.Good stuff but not worth the bottle price,or the bar price for sure.Try it once.I liked this better than the baby bourbon.
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mattnoojen mattnoojen (1) (2012-06-06)
Spicy, intermediate between bourbon and rye
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