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Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey

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San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2013
  • 2014

Beverage Testing Institute

  • 2013
  • 2014

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Proof66 Notes

Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey is the "moonshine" expression from the historic distillery. The "moonshine" label is a bit misleading since the whiskey is aged for 1 year prior to bottling and thus ins't a "pure" moonshine. The name comes from Jacob Beam, who is the progenitor of Beam whiskey. The grain is the same recipe as the flagship white label bourbon but it is aged for a single year in charred oak and then filtered to remove the color--a similar process that is often used for premium silver rums.

Jim Beam--today the largest bourbon producer in the world--was founded by Jacob Beam in the 1790s. He's credited for selling his first barrel of whiskey in 1795 "and the legend was born." It was briefly sold off in 1920 during prohibition but was rebuilt in a mere 120 days following its repeal in 1933. The Beam family has been in continuous position as master distillers for the entire history of the facility; additionally, this prolific family has served as master distillers for most of the bourbon producing distilleries in Kentucky at one time or another--the website contains a "distillers tree" that chronicles the myriad relationships among the bourbon producers of Kentucky. In 2005, they produced their 10 millionth barrel of bourbon. Today, the distillery is one of the landmarks of Kentucky and produces several different hand-crafted bourbons as well as its own flagship labels.

Rabble Reviews

This bottle has 4 ratings and 4 reviews.
Muncher Muncher (263) (2014-08-02)
Best white/moonshine style whiskey I've had to date. Has a mellow, corny sweetness just like the moonshines but the year spent in oak both tamed the alcohol edges and added an oaky spice that greatly improves the flavor profile. Glad I tried it.
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flintquatch flintquatch (196) (2013-07-29)
Glad I just got a sampler of this. Very harsh and leaves far to much of a moonshine palate. Just not what im looking for in a whisky
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Dakota Dakota (136) (2013-07-08)
Nothing special
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antiquecollector antiquecollector (28) (2013-06-13)
Not as flavorful as other white whiskies I've had, and a little harsh. I think the year of aging might take away some of the corny/grainy flavors I look for in "moonshine" style whiskies.
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