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Johnnie Walker 18yr Gold Label Centenary Blended Scotch Whisky

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Johnnie Walker--the man whose name would grace the bottles of more scotch whisky than any other brand in the 21st century--was born in 1805 and began as a grocery store manager at age 14 in 1819. Part of the grocery business was a personal blend of whisky. Yet it was his son Alexander who took the Johnnie Walker blend of whisky to the worldwide markets in its square bottle (the first of its kind and designed to save space in shipping) in 1860. The Eyewitness Companion to Whiskey quotes brand owner Diageo claiming over 7 million casks of whisky in the maturation process at any given time. This unrivaled amount of whisky allows them great specificity and consistency in their blends and that all the scotch together is worth more than all the gold in the vaults of the Bank of England.The company was acquired by Guiness in 1985, which eventually became Diageo in a merger in 1997.

Today, Johnnie Walker offers several different "labels" of scotch whisky, designated by color. The Gold Label is a blend the distillery claims is "made for celebration" and was first made in 1920 as a grandson's tribute to his grandfather (Johnnie Walker). The blend is from 18yr scotches. They suggest drinking it at freezing temperatures and letting it warm in your mouth.

The 2011 Wine Enthusiast review recommended drinking chilled and paired with a dessert.

Update: it appears that this label is being retired in favor of the 18yr Platinum Label and the new Gold Label Reserve. 


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    Rabble Reviews

    This bottle has 6 ratings and 6 reviews.
    Allan Allan (160) (2015-05-03)
    A light blend with a fruity nose that hides a bit of smoke on the finish. Didn't care for it at first because of the very short finish. If you are going to drink this make sure it's the first thing you drink that day or else it virtually disappears.
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    Hotspur17 Hotspur17 (35) (2014-05-26)
    I consider this a desert drink that should be chilled. Good taste and finish. Feel it is pricey, but if you want something a little different it is a good cold scotch.
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    NeatPour NeatPour (172) (2014-05-08)
    4.25/5; Let me amend my previous remark about freezing... do not 'freeze' but rather get it to a temp around low 60's for the best experience (freeze anything and all the flavor goes out the window... this included)
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    Muncher Muncher (263) (2014-04-26)
    Good scotch. Better than the Blue, especially when price is factored in. Not quite sure if it's a better value than the Black though. Delicious honeyed sweetness, moderate smoke, and just the right amount of wood tannins that linger on the finish. I guess it would be a 5 star malt but I can't help but think of what I could purchase for 85 bucks that would be just a little bit better.
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    thark77 thark77 (12) (2012-03-13)
    Very smooth and at $85 I can compair it to Glenfiddich 21 or Macallan 18. I'd buy it again from the expressions of my clients!
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    TheSippingLife TheSippingLife (110) (2011-03-15)
    I picked up JWG for a steal of a price ($50) a few months ago. It is certainly the smoothest of the JWs Ive had (all but Blue and King George), but I agree with other more experienced reviewers than myself when they say that JWG is competent, but not overly memorable. Its more refined than Green label, and more subtle. But it doesn wow, and for $85, it had better leave a bigger impression. Its still a good pour, but I will seek out other, better bottles. I mainly bought it because the price was too low to pass up, given its normal price.
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