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Revelstoke Spiced Canadian Whisky

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Revel Stoke Spiced Canadian whisky is an effort to take advantage of the flavored/spiced market that has proven so successful in rums. They make claim to a tradition with "rugged Canadian outdoorsmen who customized their whisky with vanilla and unique spices." The article in The Tasting Panel Magazine agrees, where author Fred Minnick writes: "Back in the 1800s, Canadians didn't kick it back like Wild Bill Hickock. They actually mixed in spices such as cinnamon to spruce up the whisky; they even carried satchels of various spices and maple syrup for the sole purpose of mixing with their whisky."

Revel Stoke is recommended taken on the rocks or in a Stoke & Coke cocktail.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2012

Beverage Testing Institute

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gmish (14) (02/07/2014)
The dude at the liquor store said they were only selling this out of pitty for the salesman as he couldnt get it into many stores. I bought a 375ml because I felt bad for the guy and I was hoping it would taste decent. Im not that hard of a critic for whiskey (I almost like them all!) but I couldnt stand this stuff. Way too sweet and harsh at the same time. I gave it away after a few sips.
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degbert (123) (12/15/2011)
It suffers by comparison, frankly, with Spicebox. It's drier, and the spicing is more acrid and sharp -- if I hadn't had Spicebox before I had this, I might have given it four stars. As it is, it just doesn't cut it.
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