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Yellow Rose Straight Rye Whiskey

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Yellow Rose Distilling is based in Texas and celebrates the "yellow rose of Texas" based upon the efforts of Emily West to lower the defenses of the Mexican army for the battle of San Jacinto of 1836. According to the write-up at the Houston Business Journal (Tonyia Cone), it was founded by Troy Smith--inspired by the success of Tito's Vodka--who partnered with Ryan Baird and Randy Whitaker for capital. They use Texas-grown organic corn for their grain bill, which they claim provides an improved flavor for their spirits. They first began producing in 2012. 

Yellow Rose Straight Rye Whiskey is blended and bottled in Texas--this implies to us it was purchased in lots by the distillers and blended to taste at the distillery (a common practice for start-up distilleries and one with a long and honorable tradition in scotch blenders and bottlers). The base is 95% rye, which implies a celebration of the acute dry spiciness of the grain. 

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

  • 2013

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