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Courvoisier 12yr Connoisseur Collection Cognac

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Courvoisier 12yr cognac is part of their connoissuer collection and bears the age statement of 12 years, more of a tradition in whiskey rather than brandy. They feel 12 years is when the cru is at the peak of its maturity.

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Muncher Muncher (659)
Rating: 4.0 (2016-01-28)
When I first opened this bottle I thought it wasn't as good as the VSOP, but after having side by side glencairns of the two the 12 year is clearly superior. On the nose the VSOP is a little bland and "dusty" while the 12 is fruity (prunes and apples), and has a hint of caramel and cinnamon; it's really fantastic on the nose. On the palate the two are a bit closer, but the 12 is better balanced and more refined. They both have the fruit and a hint of caramel, but 12 has an oak spice/pepper note that compliments the sweetness nicely (the VSOP has a noticeable alcohol note). The fruit and cinnamon hang around on the finish. I'm not convinced that the 12 is worth the $20 increase over the VSOP, but it has intrigued me into wanting to try the highly rated 21 year.
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scollings scollings (101)
Rating: 3.0 (2014-06-10)
If you like the bite of Courvoisier, you will love it. If not, not.
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pezhead79 pezhead79 (1)
Rating: 5.0 (2012-09-01)
Worth every penny!This is an excellent expression that is exquisite enough to reserve for special occasions but priced appropriately for you standard dram.From bottle to finish, it does not disappoint. Its appearance is that of deep mahogany. The aroma presents floral a hint of fruit but traverses to spice. It is velvety smooth and cascades over the tongue evoking flavors that mimic the nose. The finish lingers well and invites repetition.
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