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Kinsman Handcrafted Premium Texas Rakia Apricot Brandy

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San Francisco WSC

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Kinsman Texas Rakia is actually a fruit-based eau-de-vie or un-aged brandy. The term "rakia" refers specifically to the style of fruit brandy popular in parts of central and southern Europe (enjoying some of the same connotations as "moonshine" in the United States). The Kinsman is made from a base of apricot.

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degbert degbert (214)
Rating: 5.0 (2015-03-16)
I have a definite bias against clear spirits. But DAMN...the nose is all flowers and stone fruit and just an amazing, subtle, perfumed spring wind. And on the tongue, it's smooth as polished marble, structured, elegant, and utterly delicious. Apricot perfection; I could drink this straight all damned day, except for the fact that afterwards I might not be able to perform large motor functions or speak intelligible language. It might be worth it.
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